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Finally, if you're picking hotels based on where you're likely to share an elevator with celebrities or see Marvel editors in the bars, don't bother.

Also - don't be a princess about which hotel has the coolest bar or nicest sauna.

If you're staying at the Marriott, you might not walk far to the Con but you will walk to and from the Gaslamp.

(Yes, you could take a hotel shuttle there but people rarely do.) So consider including the Embassy Suites, Marriott Gaslamp or Westin Gaslamp as one of your choices on Hotel Day.

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Airbnb was a lifesaver for many attendees last year.There seems to be a general mystery among the uninitiated as to how one "gets" to go to Comic Con. Glitches, heartbreak and sudden good fortune all prevail for different people in unpredictable ways. Then CCI (Comic Con International) hosts an online Pre-registration Day (usually for people who attended last summer) and then an Open Registration Day for anyone with a Member ID.Then it seemed to go to 7:1 and now it seems to be about 10:1 or 12:1.Preview Night is intensely popular because it's a somewhat smaller crowd milling through the Exhibit Hall, and it offers access to the booths at their freshest and fullest.Consider whether you'd be willing to change hotels mid-Con.


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