Quicken and chase not updating

I previously had a banking connection setup with Chase Bank that was working for months. The only change I have made is that I had Chase consolidate several separate bank accounts under one login.I'm wondering if that caused the banking connection to stop updating.If I disconnect the accounts and then reconnect they will update.Then the next day the same problem occurs and I have to repeat this time consuming process.If your file association is incorrect or damaged, you might not be able to complete a Web Connect online banking session.To reset file associations: If the downloaded QFX file is empty (no new transactions, 0KB file size), this is an issue that can only be addressed by your financial institution as they are the ones providing the file.

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I use Quickbooks Premier 2015, not the online version, but this problem seems to be crossing products. My Chase accounts are all downloading and working perfectly again... Going on two weeks of inability to pull in checking, credit card and other transactions. If Chase is now preventing this connection, where's the communication from them or Quickbooks Online?!Suddenly, nothing will upload to Quick Books Online and we are receiving error messages from QBO that they cannot find these accounts on the Chase website. I contacted Quick Books Online and they said that it was an error with Chase, and to wait a few days..not resolved, contact Chase directly.After several more days of the same issue, I called Chase, and they said they have NEVER been compatible with QB Online and there is no way our transactions were downloading from their website to our Quickbooks. I have years of reconciliations with no discrepancies by using this tool, and Chase refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem.I did download a file with the missing transactions on the checking account and was able to upload to Quickbooks Online, it looks fine BUT the "bank balance" didn't change - I'm worried about matching the transactions and ending up with duplicates if/when this gets fixed.The answers on this feed are old - - - - Is anyone monitoring the feed with current information? Is there a recommended fix or has Chase changed it's arrangements I too am having the same problems again with multiple financial institutions.The following procedure shows how to correct this issue.


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