Ocd personality and dating

Most, but not all, serious relationships begin with a second and third date following closely after the first.

Do not start off assuming that your date is malicious or deceitful or intent on exploiting you.

One friend (me) will stare at you for a good 5 minutes before answering a question because he’s thinking how to answer. As cold as the world sees us, we’ve got a funny streak.

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This summed up a five-year experience of dating—which makes one wonder how someone so dissatisfied with these miserable experiences would persist for five years without giving up.

It also suggests that any particular date she went on would not likely work out well since it started off with the idea that she was talking to someone who had just crawled out of a sewer.

Not finding someone over a too-long period of time does not imply that there is anything wrong with the person who has been looking.

For some, the experience of dating is unspeakably awful.

“They all climbed out of a sewer,” was the way one of my correspondents described the men she met on dating sites.

There’s something comforting in the fact that on the 2nd Saturday of the month when the moon’s in Aquarius with a Venus rising that there’s some event or another going on. Some of the best inventions have come from the logical thought process that is a German brain.

;-) One non-German friend said, “the Germans started two World Wars, they’re not exactly the kissy-huggy type”; this in response to a lady asking why her new German boyfriend wasn’t romantically demonstrative in public. Silly, nonsense humor isn’t going to do it for us — give us irony or vulgarity and we’re laughing til beer shoots out our nose (which isn’t funny, BTW). They’re in deep thought as how to make something work better, faster, more efficient if you will.


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