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I thought it best to prepare Julianna for the worst."I’m still not sure how open my family is to our dating," I said.I was sitting on the side of the bathtub, watching Julianna use the curling iron.She did this when she wanted my full attention."Do you think about her often? Julianna dropped her eyes to her plate."Did you think I was going to say something else? She picked up the glass of water and sipped it slowly."The reason that I ask about the anger is that you seem to be handling everything so well," she said.

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"And how much I’ve been thinking about her."Julianna leaned toward me. Julianna watched as the waitress walked back into the kitchen.Only immediate family and a next-door neighbor had been invited.Though my family had met and spoken to Julianna at church, this was their first chance to really spend some time with her.I still felt guilty about my inaction and wondered how different life would have been had I only listened to those quiet warnings when I had the chance.I needed a way to share my feelings with Krista and know that she had forgiven me.It would be so much easier to forgive Krista if I had an explanation for her actions.


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