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That's why there is no group calling function -- something Google Hangouts originally made famous.

But Duo allows users to make calls between i OS and Android devices -- something Face Time can't do.

calls this optional feature "Knock Knock," and it acts like a digital peephole.

Knock Knock intends to give the receiver time to prep before picking up.

Sounds like they were having a good time.'And another wrote: 'Oh goodness me.

The lack of a time stamp may seem like a random omission, but Google says it is a part of the company's plan to make Duo as simple as possible.We were able to do so with ease, but it's key to note the video portion pauses until the transition is set.Duo was one of two new messaging services announced earlier this year at Google's developer conference.It also excels in a few other areas, such as its user interface and the overall quality of calls. Duo opens with a split-screen view of your front-facing camera and a group of recently dialed contacts -- it lets you see what you look like even before you place a call.This is important because as soon as you dial a contact's number, they'll get a sneak peek of you in real time, even if they decide not to answer.The second -- Allo, a dedicated text messaging app -- is expected to launch in a few weeks.


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