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So lactate is your friend, but he hangs around with shady characters.

The problem with lactate is that it’s always accompanied by protons (H ), even though it consumes one during each lactate dehydrogenase reaction.

Since it has a mildly acidic flavor, and can function as a preservative, lactic acid was later added to foods, as well as brewing and flavoring beer.

More About Lactate Lactate is everyone’s favorite scapegoat.

Anaerobic glycolysis takes place in the sarcoplasm, the muscle’s gel-like substance that includes all of its components, except for the mitochondria.

Enter Lactate So now you know that splitting glucose (i.e., anaerobic glycolysis) results in the formation of pyruvate and NADH.

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That proton accumulation is what causes “muscle burn” and nausea since the p H of the muscle and blood are decreasing (i.e., becoming more acidic).Indeed, if it weren’t for the formation of lactate, your muscles would become even more acidic, as shown below. Before we move on, you probably noticed that there’s been no talk of lactic acid.That’s because there’s very good research that demonstrates lactic acid isn’t formed in muscle, at all. In a nutshell, lactic acid was discovered in the 1770’s by a scientist that was researching sour milk.That’s because your body’s quickest, “cleanest” energy source, the phosphagen system, has been taken over by your next quickest source for energy: glucose. Those six carbons are split into two, three-carbon molecules, which are pyruvate.So anaerobic glycolysis consists of splitting one glucose molecule into two pyruvate molecules.Proton accumulation is actually due to the breakdown of ATP (i.e., ATP hydrolysis) in muscle.


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