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Many of our clients have asked us if Excel will ever become obsolete, here are our thoughts on this.The Project Window lists all your open projects with their sheets, modules and forms.You can key them in or copy/paste them from recorded macros, from one of your old macros or from the Internet where you will find millions of free macros.When you develop macros in Excel you spend 20% of your time analyzing the project, 15% writing your VBA procedures and 65% testing and fine tuning them. On the Sample Excel Files page, in the Pivot Tables section, look for PT0025 – Change All Page Fields with Multiple Selection Settings. Manual Update = False End If Next pt Next ws Next pf Main Application. Screen Updating = True End Sub To test the code, you can download the sample file from the Contextures website.The Properties Window shows you the properties of the object that is selected in the Project Window (sheet, module) or the properties of the control (command button, text box, list box, etc...) that is selected on the forms.

The Visual Basic Editor is the user friendly program that you will use to talk with Excel.For each report filter field, the code checks for the Select Multiple Items setting, and changes it on all the pivot tables with the same report filter field. The code loops through all the worksheets in the file, and through each pivot table on each sheet. The multiple pivot table filtering works with event programming. There is Worksheet_Pivot Table Update code on each worksheet, and it runs when any pivot table on that worksheet is changed or refreshed. been transferred from my pathname, lastcell and buildtoc pages.


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